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Established in 1843 as the Seamen’s Mission of the Methodist Church, the Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest (QVSR) has a long history of serving those in need, both on land and at sea.

Our accommodation in Poplar is well established and provides a safe haven for up to 175 active and retired seafarers, ex-servicemen and other homeless men.

As an island nation with over 95% of our everyday goods coming to our shores by sea we are also committed to providing first class port based welfare services to active seafarers visiting our shores.

Our seafarers’ centres at Tilbury, the London Cruise Terminal, DP World London Gateway, Felixstowe, Bristol & Immingham provide a warm welcome and pastoral support for those who have spent many months at sea and are far from home.


At our accommodation in Poplar, East London, we provide those in need with somewhere to call home, to feel secure and live in comfort and with dignity. We provide shelter for as long as is needed, and help residents to regain their independence and feel part of a community.

As part of our commitment to help those who move on from our service to maintain their independence, in 2021 we began a three year pilot project funded by the National Lottery Community Fund to provide an Aftercare Service. The aim is to assist residents through the transition from QVSR to their new home and help them settle into community life. A lot of factors can lead to an individual failing to thrive and return to life on the streets. We believe that continued aftercare support will help them successfully manage their new tenancy, thereby reducing cyclical homelessness.
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Seafarer Centres

Although 95% of our everyday goods arrive in the UK by ship the welfare of those who bring us these supplies is often neglected. Some of the largest container ships carry up to 28,000 containers with a crew of just 20-30 seafarers and the average turnaround in port is only around 16 hours.
Our aim is to work in partnership with other Mission Societies and port authorities to raise awareness of the valuable job seafarers do and to engage with the local community to provide a welcoming environment whilst they are in port.
After spending as many as 9 months at sea our seafarers centres are designed to be a place where seafarers can feel “at home”, where they can catch up with family and friends via the internet, relax in comfort with music & TV entertainment, purchase refreshments and souvenirs, and socialise with other crew members.
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Support QVSR

By giving a donation to QVSR you will be helping to make a difference to those who are in need of our welfare and shelter in Poplar. You will also be supporting those men and women who spend many months at sea away from family and friends to bring over 90% of our everyday goods to our shores.
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