Established in 1843 as a Seamen’s Mission of the Methodist Church, QVSR has a long history and is now Britain’s largest provider of accommodation of its kind.

We provide accommodation for merchant seamen and for former members of the Royal Navy, the Fleet Air Arm and other units with maritime links.

However, beyond this core group, we also welcome servicemen from across the armed forces and homeless men from many walks of life who require the simple accommodation and fellowship which we provide.Our Mission Statement outlines our aim to provide a caring environment where individuals will be helped and encouraged – physically, mentally and spiritually –to meet their full potential regardless of ethnicity or religious background.

The Board of Trustees, Chief Executive and QVSR staff work together in liaison with our partner organisations to create a sense of community; a friendly environment where people can live together in harmony. Fundraising plays an increasing integral role in the quality of service we provide; any donation, no matter how small, can help make a real difference to the lives of our residents.