Alexander Campbell OBE

Alexander Campbell took over at the helm of the organisation in June 2003 and in that time has led the development of a new vision and direction for  the organisation. Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest champions the needs of the seafarer both active and retired. The organisation also endeavours to support active and retired servicemen in need of accommodation as well as other individuals who find themselves homeless.


The ‘Queen Vic’ has a strong reputation as it has been serving seafarers for over 175 years and Alexander has continued to build on this by being at the forefront of establishing imaginative new services aimed at reaching out to people and helping them rebuild their lives and discover new opportunities.


Under his watch QVSR has modernised all of its accommodation and facilities at a cost over £7 million. He has also been instrumental in setting up the QVSR seafarers’ centres on the River Thames, these centres welcome thousands of active seafarers to the Port of London every year.


Alexander was born and educated in Scotland and studied at the University of Dundee where he gained a BA in Professional Studies and an MSc in Leadership and Organisational Development, he also holds a NVQ 4 and NVQ 5 in Strategic Management and is a  Chartered Manager and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. In October 2020, he was awarded an OBE for his charity work which spans over three decades; most of which has been spent working with frontline homeless services and housing associations.

Driven by a passionate commitment to give new opportunities to vulnerable groups including homeless people, Alexander’s varied career has given him rich experience of working in the heart of excluded communities across the country, including London, Portsmouth, Leicester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Inverness. His desire is to help the marginalised find a route back into the heart of society.

Alexander lives in Essex with his wife Ruth and children, he enjoys travelling and music making through his passion for brass bands. Alexander is a Magistrate and a member of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board Council of Management. He is also the Chair of the Methodist Ministers Housing Society (MMHS), Chair of George Green Almshouse Board and Chair of Tilbury Seafarers Centre.

In November 2014, Alexander was honoured to receive the Merchant Navy Medal for services to the care and welfare of retired merchant seafarers, Honoris Causa.