Where will you be on Christmas Day?

Christmas Gifts for Seafarers

We often overlook the fact that around 95% of all our imports, including the gifts we give at Christmas, are transported by sea. The seafarers who bring us these goods can spend up to 9 months at sea far from home, their family and friends, often missing special events such as birthdays and family celebrations. Life aboard ship with a small crew that may be made up of different nationalities can be difficult and isolating. The turnaround in port is also very short giving a limited amount of time for a break from their usual routine of working 12-hour shifts without a single day-off.

QVSR Seafarers Centres provide a welcoming environment where they can relax in comfortable surroundings and take time to reconnect with their loved ones via free Wi-Fi. They can enjoy refreshments, watch TV or maybe play a game of pool, basketball, or table tennis, and generally “switch off” so that they feel rested and can resume their work in a more refreshed state of mind, thereby improving their general wellbeing. The centres also provide an opportunity for social interaction with our staff and volunteers, and pastoral support from our Chaplains, to help reduce any sense of isolation they might feel.

We feel that a small gift at Christmas will further enhance seafarer morale when they are far from home and loved ones at this special time and they will know that they are appreciated for the work they do and the vital role they play in the global economy.

Each year we endeavour to give a Christmas gift to all seafarers visiting our Seafarers Centres over the festive season, usually this is around 10,000 presents. The gift generally includes items like sweets & chocolate, a small souvenir (e.g. fridge magnet / key ring) and a small toiletry item (e.g. lip balm).


While the centres receive many donations of goods there is always a shortfall so we would very much appreciate any assistance you can give. If you would like any further information, please contact our Centre Managers:

Tilbury / London Gateway / Cruise Terminal – 01375 840454

Felixstowe – 01394 675944

Immingham – 01469 574195

Bristol – 01275 374895

Thank you for your support of our work.