The Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest will provide accommodation for seafarers, both active and retired, ex-servicemen and other adults in need of accommodation. We aim to do this in a caring environment where individuals will be helped and encouraged – physically, mentally and spiritually – to meet their full potential regardless of ethnicity or religious background.

We seek to do this by:

– Providing a secure, comfortable and homely living environment
– Fostering a spirit of community, both internally and externally
– Supporting, empowering and enabling individuals to enhance their quality of life
– Assisting service users to move on to independent living where appropriate
– Providing rehabilitation opportunities via networking and working in partnership with other organisations where appropriate
– Working with partner organisations and further education providers to provide active training opportunities in order to allow service users to gain new skills or rekindle dormant skill and abilities
– Promoting healthy living via positive exercise and healthy eating
– Integrating our services, where appropriate, into the life of the local community
– Offering opportunities to alleviate boredom via a structured programme of occupational and recreational activities
– Recognising the individual human rights of service users
– Prioritising staff development and offering vocational and academic training opportunities in order that our staff can provide the best quality service