QVSR Values and Mission Statement


Every organisation needs a mission, a vision, and values. Its Mission is the organisation’s indelible purpose and reason for being. Its vision is its aspiration for itself. And its values (or virtues) are the way an organisation commits to working – a statement of how a company does what it does and the principles it will consistently abide by.

The ambition is that all our QVSR Team will be able to outline our values – SERVE – but more importantly our desire is that they live out these values in their day-to-day interaction with seafarers, residents, visitors and customers.

Solidarity: By fostering an atmosphere of understanding and compassion, together we strive to assist individuals in their journey towards healing and personal growth.

Excellence: Our goal is to surpass expectations, optimise potential, and showcase significant abilities and achievements. We will be guided by a commitment to excellence in all our operations and services.

Reassuring: Our mission is to inspire and empower residents, seafarers, staff and volunteers; creating a culture of responsibility and confidence in the positive impact we can make. We encourage a can-do attitude and provide exceptional service to instil hope and potential in everyone we encounter.

Visionary: We aim to be a progressive organisation that motivates and supports residents, seafarers, staff, volunteers, and everyone we engage with. We aspire to be imaginative, inventive and always seeking new opportunities.

Enduring: Our services are available to support residents, seafarers, staff and volunteers ensuring we are there for them whenever and wherever they need us.

The QVSR Mission Statement

As the Seamen’s Mission of the Methodist Church we see our work as an expression of Christian compassion.

The Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest will provide accommodation for seafarers, both active and retired, ex-servicemen and other adults in need of accommodation.

We aim to do this in a caring environment where individuals will be helped and encouraged – physically, mentally and spiritually – to meet their full potential regardless of ethnicity or religious background.

We seek to do this by:

  • Providing a secure, comfortable and homely living environment
  • Fostering a spirit of community, both internally and externally
  • Supporting, empowering and enabling individuals to enhance their quality of life
  • Assisting service users to move on to independent living where appropriate
  • Providing rehabilitation opportunities via networking and working in partnership with other organisations where appropriate
  • Working with partner organisations and further education providers to provide active training opportunities in order to allow service users to gain new skills or rekindle dormant skill and abilities
  • Promoting healthy living via positive exercise and healthy eating
  • Integrating our services, where appropriate, into the life of the local community
  • Offering opportunities to alleviate boredom via a structured programme of occupational and recreational activities
  • Recognising the individual human rights of service users
  • Prioritising staff development and offering vocational and academic training opportunities in order that our staff can provide the best quality service

Support QVSR

By giving a donation to QVSR you will be helping to make a difference to those who are in need of our accommodation service in Poplar as well as supporting the welfare of active seafarers at our Seafarers Centres in Tilbury, London Gateway, Bristol, Felixstowe and Immingham.

Thank you for your donation