QVSR Chaplaincy

QVSR has worked in the Port of London since 1843 providing chaplaincy services to seafarers and their families.

In recent times we have been expanding our chaplaincy operation and we now have a chaplain in Bristol and on the Thames based at London Tilbury, we also have plans to place a chaplain in the port of Felixstowe.

We work in partnership with Mission to Seafarers in providing chaplaincy on the Thames and we are looking to have a similar joint chaplaincy arrangement at Felixstowe.

What does a Port Chaplain do?

First of all, they welcome seafarers, the handshake or welcoming smile is a vital part of this ministry. There is also an opportunity to offer practical support, a lift to the seafarers centre or local shops, there is the opportunity to purchase Sim cards and top-ups in order that the seafarers can contact their families back home, money exchange is important as seafarers often don’t have the local currency and they need to change their euros or dollars into sterling. The chaplains are also there to listen, it is good to know that someone is there for you and wants to know how you are and how your family is doing. When there are issues on board ship or situations that require intervention, the chaplain can put the seafarer in touch with the ITF 9International Transport Federation or MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) or other specialist support. Chaplaincy is a vital part of life in port for a seafarer, often it can seem that they are the only person who is there just for you!

If you would like to know more about our chaplaincy services then please do not hesitate to contact – enquiries@qvsr.org.uk



Ruth Campbell

QVSR / MtS joint Chaplain on the Thames

Based at London Tilbury

Steve Loader

QVSR Chaplain

Port of Bristol


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